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About Hanumangarh Tourism

Bhatner fort
A very famous Fort of Hanumangarh, Bhatner Fort is center from the city. It is located on the banks of the River Gaggar in the heart of Hanumangarh and is widely known as ‘Hanumangarh Fort’.The ancient fort situated on the bank of river ghaggar was built in year 295 by Bhupat son of king Bhati of Jaisalmer. Research reveals that famous Tarain war fought between Mohammed Gouri and Prithviraj Chouhan is present Talwara Jheel area of the district.In year 1805, Emperor Soorat Singh of Bikaner captured Bhatner after defeating Bhatis. Since the day of his victory was Tuesday (known as the day of god "Hanuman"), he named Bhatner as Hanumangarh.
Gurudwara of Shri Sukha Singh Mehtab Singh
The historically important Gurdwara of Shaheedan Da is located in the city of Hanumangarh. In the 18th century AD, when this gurdwara was constructed, it was named after two martyrs. According to history,when the Emperor of Afghanistan, Nadir Shah was moving back to Persia after looting and plundering numerous Indian cities in 1739, his forces were attacked by the Sikhs who rescued many young women and goods that were stolen by the forces. After his return to Persia, Nadir Shah made Zakhrya Khan to act as the Governor of Lahore who vowed to destroy the Sikhs, for which he declared a reward to anybody who could bring the head of a Sikh. Once a Massa Ranghar brought a cart full of heads of Sikhs to Zakhrya Khan, as a reward to which he was appointed the Chief of Amritsar. Taking charge of the Golden Temple of Amritsar, Massa Ranghar prohibited the Sikhs from entering this temple and started drinking and brought dancers at the pious temple. When this news reached the Bikaner’s Sikhs, they became enraged. Then two Sikhs, namely, Bhai Mehtab Singh and Bhai Sukha Singh went to Amritsar to teach Massa Ranghar a lesson. As they carried bags full of coins, the watchmen didn’t prevent them from entering the Golden Temple. They went to a drunken Massa Ranghar who was watching the dancing girls and placed the bags full of coins in front of him. As he bent to take a look at the bag, these two Sikhs severed his head, took it and vanished from there in no time. These two Sikhs came to Hanumangarh with Massa Ranghar’s head and rested under a tree. Later on they were captured and tortured to death by the Mughals who wanted them to convert to Islam. They refused this offer and attained martyrdom. Every year, in this gurdwara on Amavasya, thousands of devotees attend the Yadgari Jod Mela.
Badopal wild life bird sanctuaries in pilibanga hanumangarh district.
Badopal is famous for the saltwater lake.There are variety of birds species that are found in the Badopal Lake. Around eighty one species of birds have been recorded here as of 2002. Flamingo is most well known migratory bird are come in the winter season. . Terracota of the early gupta period are excavated in the ancient Theris found in the village. distance from hotel 32 km .
Khetarpal ji Mandir rawatsar
Baba khetarpal ji is a Avtar of lord shiva baba khetarpal ji temple situatied in Rawatsar Dham rajasthan and Sujawalpur Dham Rajasthan.baba khetarpal ji is 12th avtar of lord shiv.A very famous temple of Hanumangarh,distanace from hotel 35 km
Shila mata shila peer
Sila Mata Temple signifies peace and harmony. The deity is worshiped by the people of various religions such as Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. It is believed that the water and milk offered to the idol can cure all skin diseases. The temple has its own religious importance among the locals. distance from hotel is 4km.
Temple of Shri Gogaji
At a distance of about 120 km from the city of Hanumangarh and two kilometres from the railway station of Gogamedi, the temple of Shri Gogaji is located. This temple is presided over by Gugga Jahar Peer who is more popularly known as Shri Gogaji.
Brahmani temple pallu
At just 100 Kms from the city, the renowned temple is situated on the Hanumangarh - Kishangarh Mega Highway. The temple owns high religious belief among the local people as well as among tourists especially at the time of Navratra where a fair called as . Mata Brahmani Mela is held. Generic Brahmani Mata Image used here.
Bhadarkali temple
Built during the reign of Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji, Mandir Shri Bhadrakali Ji is situated at Hanumangarh in Rajasthan. It belongs to the Shakti sector of Hinduism and is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. A mela is celebrated here on Chaitra 8 and 9. Thousands of pilgrims visit this temple during the fair days.
Kalibangan Archaeological Museum
A short distance away from hanumangarh hotel is the Kalibangan Archaeological Museum which would be of great interest to the historically minded. Kalibangan as mentioned earlier was the site where the an ancient civilisation almost as old as the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilisations flourished.

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